Struggling with Depression?

Depression can be debilitating. It can affect so many areas of your life, making you feel hopeless and alone. But you’re not.

Finding people who can support and help you cope makes a big difference. Connect to talk to someone today.
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You’re not meant to deal with depression alone

There are people who truly care about you and what you’re going through in life. We connect you to people from local churches who want to listen, talk, provide support, and encourage you. All with zero expectations or pressure.

How It Works.

Let Us Know What’s Going On

Provide your basic information and details about what’s going on so the person you’re connected with can better support you.


Get Connected with Someone You Can Trust

A caring and compassionate individual will reach out to initiate a conversation and learn more about how they can support you.

Find the Continuous Support You Need

Continue building a relationship with the person you’re connected with. We want to ensure you get the support and care you deserve.


Sherry really took the time to reach out to me and be there for me during my time of struggle. I’m extremely grateful.

He texted me right away and we scheduled a call for the next day. He allowed me to tell him what's going on and offered support as well as prayed over me afterwards.

The person that emailed me was very compassionate and understanding. I felt like for the first time someone truly understood my daily struggle.