Changing Lives through the Power of Connection

Our mission is big. We want everyone to have the caring community and support they need so that no one feels alone in their struggles or lacks someone to talk to. We do this by connecting one person at a time to someone in our national network—all for free.

Our Story

At Churches Care, we’ve always been passionate about showing up where people are and caring for them well.
  • Nov 2020

    Started as an online, searchable church directory to help people find local churches.

  • July 2021

    Launched our free connection program…still focused on helping those who are seeking church community but now also people struggling in life and looking for support.

  • July 20, 2021

    First person is connected through the Churches Care connection program!

  • Jan 2023

    We hit 100k people connected and helped!

  • Now

    350k+ people connected and 2000+ churches/people helping and responding.

How Our Services Work

We connect people, for free, who are looking for a local church community or struggling with something in life and wanting to talk.


First, someone fills out a form with their basic information and details about what they’re dealing with.


Next, our system will match that person to a real individual and pass along the context they provided in the form.


Lastly, that individual will text to introduce themselves and start the conversation.

Our goal is to make connecting with someone easier so that people feel seen, heard, and supported.

Sherry really took the time to reach out to me and be there for me during my time of struggle. I’m extremely grateful.

He texted me right away and we scheduled a call for the next day. He allowed me to tell him what's going on and offered support as well as prayed over me afterwards.

The person that emailed me was very compassionate and understanding. I felt like for the first time someone truly understood my daily struggle.